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I would like to personally thank you for visiting my image library. I hope you enjoy viewing my images as much as I like creating the images and sharing them with you.

I live in New Mexico. My childhood was spent in the Missouri Ozarks and then in the Central Valley of California. I learned to enjoy travel at an early age along with playing with my mothers camera and then a whole series of cameras of my own. It is my pleasure to combine both those activities-to play with the camera while traveling! I enjoy photographing and documenting all the diversity of life and it's behavior that I encounter both at home and while traveling.

I enjoy using post processing methods to achieve a result that I am seeking in an image I have captured. I believe it is an amazing gift to be able to use technology to help develop from your image what you see in your minds eye.

You are invited to leave a comment if you like a particular image or the web site.

Thank you for visiting!

Jo Anne Terry Wagner